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Blueacre Seafood Restaurant Review in Seattle

Kumamoto Oyster

Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna A'la Tiradito

A fairly new seafood restaurant, Blueacre seafood, opened their doors March 19, 2010, from the owners of the Steelhead Diner. It has an eclectic mix of the menu offerings from the Steelhead Diner and Oceanaire, the predecessor of Blueacre. Chef/Co-owner Kevin Davis has worked for Oceanaire since 2001 and has now taken ownership of the spot with his wife Teresa Davis, an accountant since 2002 for the old restaurant as well. Their comment for the once overly ritzy locale is that, "we want everyone to be able to visit us, whenever they want, without having to take out a second mortgage." Blueacre Seafood offers unique seafood dishes at a convenient location without breaking the bank.

Read about their opening here.

Curb Appeal: This sassy joint is conveniently located next to Pacific Place Shopping Center, which is, walking distance to the Seattle Waterfront, Belltown, and Pike Place Market. At the heart of downtown, Blueacre is easily spotted with their bright blue mild lighting. They offer parking on the street (which is the easiest) and also discounted parking at their building after 5 pm. The largely renovated space now offers seating for 200 people in the main area. From the entrance is a split-way where on the left veers to the bar/lounge area, while to the right leads to the main dining area. I love the open floor plan, classic-style tables and lighting, and the squeaky clean waxed wooden floors (though you must be cautious walking around here because these waxed floors are slippery!). I definitely had to take my time walking to the Ladies Room in my high-heeled boots.

Check out the venue here.

Customer Service: The customer service here was ok. We got seated about 5 minutes from when we got there, though it didn't seem very busy, there was just no hostess at the front. There was nothing exceptional about the customer service here, nor this wouldn't be a reason for me to go here. We weren't told about any Chef's Specials and had to ask for water aside from our alcoholic drinks. The wait in-between ordering drinks was also way too long and so was the wait for ordering food and for the food to come out. If I could rate their customer service with 5 stars, I'd give them a 2, just below average because we seriously had to talk to 3 people about ordering or they'd approach us and ask us if more people were coming because of our large table. Seriously, is that how you talk to a guest on her birthday!? I hope the owners of Blueacre do something about their customer service/management because from the looks of reading other's reviews, their service is poor.

Food Quality: The oysters came out served on ice and my Kumamoto one had a spicy taste to it which I liked. I also enjoyed the Sashimi Tiradito, though it seemed they went a little overboard with the sauce. I really loved the drinks here and felt I would've enjoyed my experience more at the bar/lounge area (that is a definite must next time).

Price: Expensive meals ranging from $20-60, but their cocktails are yummy at $7-10. I loved their unique drink names such as "Attractive Nuisance," "Maliscious Mischief," and "Diminished Capacity." I'd recommend coming here during brunch or happy hour, or if you're really hungry, do their Wintervention dinner where you get an appetizer, main course, and desert, all for $30.

Specials/Happy Hour: Happy Hour is available at the lounge only between 3-6 pm. They offer $1 oysters, $5 cocktails, $1.50 Rainier beer, $2 Session cans, and $3 featured draughts.

Dinner Wintervention, offering 3 for $30 (starter, main course, and desert).

They also offer brunch on Saturday and Sundays.


Hours of Operation:
Open everyday from 11 am to 10 pm.

Phone: (206) 659-0737

1700 7th Ave
Seattle, Wa 98101
Intersection: 7th and Olive

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